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Plas-T-Pair Fixes Anything That Breaks

Rawn AmericaT Plas-T-Pair is a permanent plastic repair that fixes broken electrical or electronic components and parts. For commercial repairs, fiberglass repair, bench top maintenance and equipment maintenance, Plas-T-Pair makes materials stronger than when they were new. Plas-T-Pair rebuilds and repairs surfaces, and patches holes that can be sanded and painted for a finished professional look.

Easy-to-use for fast repairs, just mix one part powder to one of liquid. Plas-T-Pair can be molded or brushed on depending on the particular application. The product can be applied to a crack or break, or molded on like plastic putty. Thicker applications can be molded into parts like broken screw mounts, out-of-date knobs, broken electrical components and casings. For use as a glue, a diluted application of Plas-T-Pair acts like a contact glue to bond plastic surfaces.

As a plastic cement, Plas-T-Pair bonds plastic to other materials such as wood, plaster, concrete, composites and fiberglass. The product's consistency and fluidity can be varied to fit the needs of each repair job. Because Plas-T-Pair is not affected by water, it can be used in outdoor and marine applications. For high tech components, or instrument panels, Plas-T-Pair repairs plastic pre-fabricated interior fittings in airplanes, ships and utility vehicles. The multi-functional cement, glue and plastic mender is available in a repair kit for commercial, office, and industrial use.




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