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EcoAirT Extinguishes Aerosol Blow Torch Technology

In the early 50's aerosol technology brought new, innovative ways to apply products like hair spray, dust removers, and rust preventatives. In the industrial world, aerosol sprays brought handy spray convenience and got rid of oily rags and dirty squirt cans. For the adventurous, aerosols could also provide some Saturday night entertainment. Whether it was hair spray or rust preventive, the handy Zippo lighter or simple match met a thrill seeker's expectations. Light the match, press the aerosol button and instant blow torch with flames up to six feet long.

Aerosol technology seemed like a good thing, despite its potential blow torch delivery, strong odor and environmental hazards. The best of today's technology has gone far beyond what our fathers and mothers used. CortecR Corporation's Spray Technologies Division has developed new, safe rust preventives with the same handy convenience of spray can application. Without the drawbacks of aerosol technology, the new EcoAir´┐Ż VCI-377 product provides three times better rust protection.

EcoAirT VCI-377 replaces flammable aerosols. It removes potential fire hazard with a water-based, biodegradable formulation that acts like a fire extinguisher in the presence of a flame. In fact, the product doesn't have enough "fire" power to even warrant "combustible" on its labeling. With VCI-377, the non-flammable formulation can be stored anywhere and shipped safely by air. Traditional oil based flammable products require explosion proof handling for both shipping and storage.

The secret of EcoAirT VCI-377 comes from its unique EcoAirT delivery system. Using a special EcoPouchTM, this spray is powered by compressed air. It allows the new, hi-tech formulas of today's technology to solve old rust problems and take care of safety, health and environmental concerns. Cortec's EcoAirT VCI-377 is an environmental innovation. In addition to being water-based and biodegradable, the entire product including the can is recyclable. Instead of filling the air with harsh chemicals that can make breathing difficult, its mild odor is hardly noticeable.

Cortec's EcoAirT VpCI-377 protects 2 times better than leading aerosol rust preventive lubricants. Cortec's VpCIR patented technology delivers corrosion protection for hard-to-reach areas such as cavities and voids. Rather than a messy, oily residue, it dries to a thin, clear, film and requires no removal, no clean up, or hazardous disposal. By providing short and long term protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the product allows users to work with one rust preventative coating for all their protection needs.



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