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Gum Label Remover In Convenient Office Size

Gum Label Remover In Convenient Office Size

Rawn America's fast-acting gum label remover is now available in a convenient three (3) ounce bottle size with a built-in applicator. To remove labels, stickers, or gummy residues, simply apply liquid with the handy applicator brush (built-in to bottle cap) and then wipe away with tissue or paper towel. Labels, stickers and sticky residues are quickly and easily removed.

The small bottle size of Rawn America's gum label remover lets it fit anywhere that's handy such as on desk organizers or inside desk drawers. When a label, sticker, package ID or bar code needs to be removed, it's within easy reach to do the job quickly saving time and trips to the cleaning closet. The product's powerful cleaning action also saves time in removing residues. Formulated with a combination of natural and refined petroleum solvents, it quickly penetrates and dissolves today's high-strength adhesives, glues, and semi-adhering gums. The product can also be used to remove grease, oil, gum, crayon and tar-like residues.The product can be used to remove most types of stickers and labels including specialty self-adhesive stickers, license tabs, vinyl and foil stickers. For stickers that have a non-porous surface, best results are normally achieved by peeling back the sticker first and then removing the adhesive residue. As necessary, brush on the remover in repeated applications. Rub gently with the brush applicator and then wipe away with a tissue, paper towel, or soft cloth.

The product can be used to remove stickers from non-porous surfaces and surfaces that are painted with commercial coatings which have been cured. The product should not be used on soft-painted, air-dried surfaces. The product should not be used to remove stickers that are attached to cloth, leather or other porous textured surfaces.

Rawn America's gum label remover has a pleasant, citrus fragrance. Unlike aggressive penetrating solvents, it does not put harsh chemicals in the air which cause coughing or breathing difficulties. In addition, the product does not contain CFCs, HCFCs or ozone depleting substances.

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