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Silicone Heat Sink Compound In A Syringe

Silicone Heat Sink Compound In A SyringeRawn America is introducing its highly effective silicone compound in an easy-to-use syringe applicator. The silicone compound has been specially blended with zinc oxide for outstanding heat transfer properties. It also features excellent dielectric properties and will not affect electronic circuits.

This easy-to-use syringe applicator eliminates grease pots, tools, and messy application at the work bench and in the field. The Rawn America syringe allows operators to have a high degree of control in dispensing the desired amount of silicone compound exactly where needed. With a simple one-handed operation, a tiny drop or large length of bead flows smoothly out of the syringe. There is no mess or soiling of hands, or wasted material. There is no need to clean-up excess material.

The Rawn America silicone compound is a zinc filled polysiloxane. It enables a low-loss thermal pathway for fast, efficient heat transfer between semiconductors and heat sinks by displacing air gaps between mating surfaces. It provides excellent dielectric strength: 250-350 volts/mil. When applied beneath power transistors or other heat-generating devices, it assists the heat transfer from the generating objects to the chassis and metal heat sinks for dissipation.

The non-flammable and non-corrosive silicone compound offers extremely stable, long lasting consistency and uniformity. The material forms a non-curing seal between semiconductors and heat sinks, maintaining a flexible consistency within a temperature range of -40oF to 500oF (-40oC to 260oC). Under elevated temperatures, Rawn America Silicone Compound does not separate, soften or run. Further, during use it does not dry out or harden, but remains soft helping to protection junctions against shock and vibration.

The Rawn America syringe provides 1 oz. (28 grams) of material. It can be used in both the factory and the field for assembly or repair work. The syringe's compact size makes it very convenient to have on a work bench and to carry inside a repair kit for the field. When necessary, the material can be removed or cleaned by using solvent or mineral spirits.

Cortec's EcoAirT VpCI-377 protects 2 times better than leading aerosol rust preventive lubricants. Cortec's VpCIR patented technology delivers corrosion protection for hard-to-reach areas such as cavities and voids. Rather than a messy, oily residue, it dries to a thin, clear, film and requires no removal, no clean up, or hazardous disposal. By providing short and long term protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the product allows users to work with one rust preventative coating for all their protection needs.



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